The Power of Authentic Conversation

Kin is a platform designed to support authentic conversations between people. At Kin, we want to expand how we see and think about the world. And we believe that by engaging with new people and ideas, we open the space within us for understanding, empathy and a deeper sense of belonging.

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Through conversation, we discover that

We Are Kin

How does Kin work?

Individuals are paired across race or other types of difference to participate in a series of six intentionally designed conversations.

Through conversation, we discover that

We Are Kin

What people are saying about Kin

The structure of Kin has created a safe space and guidance for our revelations. I am surprised by how frank and open I have been, but feel my partner has done the same. And what a relief, particularly in this crazy covid time, to speak frankly, to open up, and to make a new friend!

My partner's vulnerability has allowed me to be more vulnerable. I realize that I do not not usually let myself be very vulnerable and I don't have these types of conversations very often in my life.

I'm surprised that I'm willing to share experiences I consider personal. I think I want to believe that an authentic relationship can happen.

My energy levels rise within our conversations. I feel less guarded than I thought I would have.

I rarely interact with white men, let alone white men over the age of 50, so I’ve been pleasantly surprised by this developing friendship, I think we both feel inspired and satisfied after our conversations.

This is our third conversation. We both cried and I never cry in front of people.

Meeting my partner may be one of the best things that has happened to me since lockdown.

Unique for two men who are strangers to be so open with each other.

I am usually very private, but again I have shared some things/moments with my partner that I have not shared with others that I have known for many years.

I quickly learned to lower my defenses.

It's very organic and we have shared some very personal experiences that we both agreed that we would probably have not as openly shared with other people.

"I believe in the transformational power of conversation. There is something almost magical that happens when there is an authentic exchange between two people. One amazing conversation can change how you think about the world."

- Dominique Samari
Creator of Kin

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